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The best DRY organic carpet cleaning system in the world!


When people think of carpet cleaning benefits-300x104they think of water, strong chemicals, mess, upheaval and wet carpets. We don’t use any water at all – our system is completely DRY. So imagine a carpet cleaning company that can go into your home or place of work, move furniture, clean the carpets and have your home or office back to normal straight away.

Research studies have shown that using the Dry and Clean system just ONCE on your carpet can reduce:

  • Dust mites by 78%
  • Dust mite allergen by 75%
  • Cat allergen by 85%
  • Mould spores by 85%

100% Green, 100% Clean, 100% DRY 

How HOST® Works

The process begins with a dry carpet cleaning agent called Host which is sprinkled onto the carpet. It acts like a natural sponge; this unique cleaning product combined with the Host carpet cleaning machine dissolves and traps the dirt and leaves the carpet clean, fresh, fragrant and dry.

ZERO water, ZERO shrinkage, ZERO Drying time!

Benefits to Your Home or Business

  • Deep cleans
  • Removes soil & Spots
  • Lifts & revives matted carpet pile
  • Child & Pet safe cleaning at its best
  • Reduces Dust Mites and other Allergens
  • Carpet stays cleaner longer
  • Immediately see results
  • Leaves a clean fresh scent
  • Dry and ready to use

Benefits to the Environment

  • Uses 97% less water than wet extraction
  • Requires no special disposal – used Host sponges can be composted
  • Conserves Energy
  • All products are chemical free and biodegradable
  • Prevents mould and mildew growth
  • USDA Bio-based Certification

You’ll like HOST® DRY extraction carpet cleaning!

The special brushing action of our machines reach deep into the carpet, Lifting matted pile and removing soil that you may not even see.

Think about this for a moment: if a wet carpet cleaner extracts dirty water from a carpet, but the carpet is still wet, is the water left in the carpet clean or dirty?

Why is dry cleaning better than wet?

  • Our cleaning system has had over 50 years of development
  • Our cleaning system only uses 2% moisture ensuring 0% downtime on carpets and furniture
  • Carpets and furniture are ready to use as soon as we leave
  • Far safer, with no need for caution signs
  • Our results are always excellent and unlike wet they are always consistent
  • With minimal preparation we can clean one or many rooms
  • Furniture can be cleaned on site
  • No expensive out of hours cleaning due to drying times

Child and Pet safe cleaning at its Best!