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Don’t let dirty carpets spoil the look of your home! Let us DRY clean them!

HOST® is the environmentally preferred carpet cleaning system that cleans your carpet deep down leaving it fresh, clean, dry and ready to use. Made from 100% plant-based resources, HOST® is the easy, effective, safe and green choice for your carpet.

DRY extraction carpet cleaning is highly recommended by leading carpet manufacturers number16-300x239worldwide and is Woolsafe approved. Our system will leave your home with fresher, cleaner smelling carpets. For a truly clean, comfortable and healthier experience, Contact us. Don’t waste your time with watered down carpet cleaner, ZERO Drying Time means No more wet carpets or tin foil under furniture legs, You can walk on your carpets immediately after service.

Natural Floor Cleaning

HOST® is the only system recommended by the Natural Flooring Company to clean Wool, Sisal, Sisool, Seagrass, Coir & Jute. Natural floor coverings can be kept looking good just by carrying out your normal regular cleaning routine as you would with any other floor covering. It is advisable to use suction only vacuum cleaners as other types can cause damage to the fibres of natural flooring products. Under no circumstances at all should you use wet shampoo, wet cleaning or steam cleaning on any natural flooring as the natural fibres are prone to shrinkage when wet. If you wish to carry out a full thorough clean of your natural flooring we recommend that you use our professional dry extraction cleaning system.

Why Dry and Clean DRY extraction cleaning is so effective:

Carpet is an important part of how people see your home or business – when your carpet is clean, everything else looks better. But too often, carpet cleaning is delayed to avoid the long drying time and long shutdown periods and is seen as a specialist project, that’s where the beauty of the DRY extraction system lies, carpet cleaning now becomes routine,

                               Child and Pet safe cleaning at its Best!carpet-child-and-dog2