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We use the best DRY organic carpet cleaning system in the world!

Our  process is safe and highly recommended by more than 100 leading carpet manufacturers worldwide and is Woolsafe approved.Our system will leave your home or business with healthier, fresher, cleaner smelling carpets. Carpets are left completely dry and ready to use.  For a truly clean, comfortable and healthier experience, call us. Don’t ruin your carpet and waste your time with watered down carpet cleaner, Finally there is a truly different way to clean carpet! Zero Drying Time  means No more wet carpets or tin foil under furniture legs, You can walk on your carpets immediately after service.

Why We’re Different:   
In one word, “DRY“ You will experience true deep cleaning that is dry, amazingly clean and ready to use in minutes, not hours or days. In addition, your carpet will stay clean longer because DRY&CLEAN Carpet Cleaning does not leave soap and water to dry.  No need to leave windows and doors open or leave industrial size fans in your home or business. All we leave are amazingly clean carpets/rugs and extremely happy customers!. We can also achieve the same amazing results on tile and grout flooring.

Research studies have shown that using the DRY&CLEAN system just ONCE on your carpet can reduce:

Dust mites by 78%
Dust mite allergen by 75%
Cat allergen by 85%
Mould spores by 85%

What to consider when cleaning carpet: The best organic carpet cleaners are biodegradable and nontoxic. You should also look for those that have a pH balance that is gentle on the environment. It is equally important to ensure that a product’s packaging is made from 100% recycled material.

Draught Marking

Draught-image-300x176What is draught marking?

Draught marking appears on carpets as dark soiled areas or spots around the edges of rooms or under doorways. In extreme cases it is found across the middle of a room in the configuration of the floorboards.

It is also known as filtration soiling, fogging or dust marks. The cause is always the same. Contaminated air blows through or across the carpet and the carpet acts as a filter, removing the dirt from the air. The resultant draught marking is both unsightly and a problem to remove.

The contaminated air gets to the carpet through:-

  • gaps under the skirting board

  • gaps between the floorboards
  • holes in the carpet caused by nails or carpet fitting tools
  • gaps under doors


The best method of preventing draught marking ruining the look of your new carpets is to specify a draught proof installation. This prevents the movement of air through the carpet and may involve the following steps before the carpet is installed:-

  • Laying sheets of hardboard on top of the existing floorboards
  • Taping all the hardboard joints to prevent leaks of air
  • Laying paper on top of the hardboard to add extra draught proofing
  • Using flexible mastic to seal the gap between the skirting board and the floor.

If these measures are carried out before the carpet and underlay are installed then it is unlikely that very much draught marking will occur .


Most draught marking can be removed by cleaning, but not cured. The microscopic airborne soiling is tenaciously oil bonded to the carpet fibres. The degree of success in the removal of the soil depends on the nature of the soil (pollution) and the length of time that it has been present. At Dry and Clean  we have researched and tested many ways of removing draught marking and we are now confident that we can remove the majority of this soiling. However a draught marking problem can’t be cured by cleaning as the soiling will return if the contaminated air is allowed to continue to flow through or across the carpet.

Mattress Hygiene are you “sleeping with the enemy”?

Many of our customers are fortunate not to suffer from allergies but are comforted by the idea that they do not share their bed with millions of dust mites every night.

The good news is, DRY&CLEAN mattress hygiene specialise in making your bed a healthy place to sleep. We are eighteen years behind the likes of Germany when it comes to dealing with dust mites, which partly explains why our allergies are so bad here. Normal vacuuming helps but our system completely cleanses the mattress without using chemicals; instead intense ultra violet lamps kill off the bacteria and viruses.

The DRY&CLEAN high tech mattress cleaning & sanitizing machine removes the nasties hygienically without using water or toxic chemicals. Allergenic cleaning of the mattress will benefit people with allergies such as:

  • Asthma
  • Eczema
  • Bronchitis
  • Sinusitis
  • Rhinitis
  •  Conjunctivitis

Very quickly the mattress will become host to a multitude of horrors, from bacteria to fungal spores and microscopic house dust mites which feed off dead flakes of skin. Is it any wonder that without cleaning a mattress, it could be the dirtiest item in your home? It is estimated that there are up to 2 million house dust mites living in a mattress and in an average pillow, 10% of its weight is made up of dead skin and dust mites. yuk! Contact us! Don’t worry we ALL have dust mites.

A few testimonials

“Steve came to clean all of the carpets in our house. I could not believe that without water you could make the carpets ‘as good as new’ but he could!!! With 2 children we could not have the carpets wet, so dry clean was amazing. I would highly recommend his products and also Steve. He is very reliable, professional, friendly and very reasonably priced and I have already recommended him to others, who have also been very pleased with his services.”

Michelle Ford.

“Steven amazed me! I honestly didn’t think he could get that property to look so fantastic! The carpets look like new and the place smells clean, clean, clean!”

Shelley van Lit.

“There’s not much we can say about dry and clean that’s not already been said, We have seen what they can do and the results are incredible! We love this company and steve is a great chap!

Get-Cleaning team:

I am so pleased with the excellent service and the results achieved on our carpet. I have already recommended you to my colleagues and friends and I will definitely be using your service again in the future. Thank you!
Best wishes,

WOW- omg i cant belive its the same rug! my heartfelt thanks. T Mahrra

My carpets had been down for over seven years and were looking slightly worse for wear. With Dry and Clean I got a two pronged attack: a super system that kept the carpets dry and produced a wonderful finish, along with the perfectionist Steven.

Many thanks, “I will be back”


Many thanks for dealing with our crisis so quickly and efficiently. Your no nonsense approach was very helpful to us.
More importantly our mutual customer is highly delighted with the result and cannot sing your praises enough. She said you were a smashing person to deal with and thinks your cleaning system is brilliant. The stains came out in an instant. She said she would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone.
Thank you once again and I hope we can call upon you again.
(email) from

Ms V Lampon, salisbury glass centre ltd

just to say thank you for a great job. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I came home from work. The best thing is that you managed to clean everything so well without any nasty chemicals. We will certainly recommend you to friends!
Tina & Steve

“Oh my God” says customer in Newbury

took a drive across to Newbury on friday 5/2 to get some stains out of the carpets in a couple of rooms, the client said she as tried everything but cant “get them out” always worries me when my customers tell me they have had a good “ol” scrubb because of the damage that can be caused! anyway the first thing we did was to do a tester..which basically means we spot a small area and if the “stain” starts to lift we know we are in business! which we was, we set about cleaning the said area
and after a few minutes it was then my client said the immortal words….”oh my god” look at that, that is the most amazing thing i have ever seen! So it looks like we will be performing more miracles in newbury in the near future. Because it was such a nice day decided i wasn’t in a mad rush to get home so had a nice gentle drive to make sure the DRY&CLEAN MACHINE got really noticed..

Is it really clean?

20130416_091052Customers naturally assume that because their carpet do’s not contain any stains, spots or spills its clean, And don’t need our services, This is not the case. Take a look at these photos, The pic on the right was “cleaned” 2 weeks prior to us doing it, All we done was agitate the carpet and this was the dirt and dust that came out! We then went on to give it a thorough clean!

The pic on the left is a childs room, The client mentioned to us that she vacuums at least twice a week, Again we agitated carpet to remove the dust and nasties that give so many breathing problems to people.

So, Even a “clean” carpet needs our service at least once a year.

Persian Rugs, The History.

imagesThe majority of homes today have rugs and carpets in some form or the other. Most people know that carpets originated in the middle east. Persian rugs are held in highest regard to this day. Whether you have wall to wall carpet in your bedroom or an area rug in your living room their origins are quite fascinating.

No doubt carpets and rugs have been woven for centuries. No one knows for sure when humans started weaving carpets but the idea probably came from trying to create a fabric as durable and warm as animal fur.


The very first time the carpet is mentioned in 637 AD when it was found in the palace of Sassanid rulers of Persia. This magnificent carpet was over 1000 m2 and depicted real sized gardens with leaves and flowers, trees and fruit and garden paths.

The oldest persian rugs in existence today are from 16th – 17th century and survived to this day mainly in the palaces and courthouses of Europe. Around 3000 such peices exist today but by far the most famous is Ardabil carpet dated 1535 AD which can be seen in South Kensington Museum, London. This beautiful and truly unique rug of wool and silk has taken 10 craftsmen an estimated 3.5 years to complete and was recently valued at £500,000.

Surprisingly, the techniques and methods of weaving used today are not much different from the ones used in early Persia. Majority of persian rugs were and still are woven on upright looms but some nomad tribes use flat looms. The material of choice is still wool, silk and occasionally cotton. The colourings used are mostly vegetable dyes and are extracted flowers, roots, barks and such like. Very often the methods and techniques for achieving a specific colour vary from region to region and in some cases from family to family.

Today, Persian rugs are in global demand and are often mass produced to meet the needs. In the quest to drive the price down the weavers are not trained properly and the materials used are not of the best quality. However, if you are lucky enough to come across a quality oriental rug produced by master craftsmen you will know that the beauty and comfort is unparalleled and well worth the extra spend.

People who dont pay!

This is about those customers who don’t pay! I’m sure I’m not the only one who is experiencing this problem! I wouldn’t mind if the job was shoddy or just bad workmanship but i have a testimonial from my customer! There is the usual route to go i.e send in the debt collectors but my own views on this are well known!  Letter writing, this is where you send the first letter saying how you are sure your customer as “forgotten to post the cheque” only to find that after 7 days they have still forgotten, so you send the second letter which is a bit more stern, Something like, We notice you still have NOT paid “you got 3 days” A week later, NOTHING! Now its time for THE letter” which simply says, pay now or this go’s to our solicitors!! There’s something about that letter that makes me feel bad and keep putting off sending it, Don’t know what it is cant quit put my finger on it, I have come to the conclusion that from now on everyone i do work for must pay when the job is complete!

This week

What a week!! Been to 1 job twice, found a situation that we couldn’t do. More restoration than cleaning! Then done our first office job, waited for feed back which I got on friday, and was fantastic!! Starting to pick up decent work now, and getting a few enquiries from twitter belive it or not! Trying to get some info on a add on business which I think will be good for dry and clean..the day in the life article will be out this month, should be good fun!

A day in the life article was published, had a good responce, priced and got a job priced another but waiting for the go ahead.. to be honest dont have much hope for this one! champainge dreams lemonade mony im affraid..had ellis over the weekend..nicked all the bedsheets! blesss him hes got colic which is really stressing him out… Off to working for car interior cleanin! Some leather and fabric should be good fun!…

To be read! This is shocking!

Had a fantastic week, priced up to do part of an office building if all go’s well maybe can talk about a contract! also looked a cleaning 12 persien rugs, which is a specialised job and our system is recognised to carry out this type of work. would love to do it! please take a look at the air pollution link.. i will be posting more of these as i get them..

Air pollution caused by Febreze Air Effects (Hawaiian Aloha) – Learn more in EWG’s School Cleaning Supplies report | Environmental Working Group