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This week

What a week!! Been to 1 job twice, found a situation that we couldn’t do. More restoration than cleaning! Then done our first office job, waited for feed back which I got on friday, and was fantastic!! Starting to pick up decent work now, and getting a few enquiries from twitter belive it or not! Trying to get some info on a add on business which I think will be good for dry and clean..the day in the life article will be out this month, should be good fun!

A day in the life article was published, had a good responce, priced and got a job priced another but waiting for the go ahead.. to be honest dont have much hope for this one! champainge dreams lemonade mony im affraid..had ellis over the weekend..nicked all the bedsheets! blesss him hes got colic which is really stressing him out… Off to working for car interior cleanin! Some leather and fabric should be good fun!…