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Our quick demo impress’s client!

Took a drive over to newphoria this morn and had a brilliant 1-2-1(BNI talk 4 meeting)with samantha N-F…i like newphoria and i love sam!! grabed a quick cuppa T then headed of the see graham @ lindon-travers for my second 1-2-1..i like graham because 1 hes a chelsea supporter and 2 hes just a really nice bloke and any1 looking for mortgage advice let me know and i will introduce you to him. jumped in the DRY&CLEAN MACHINE then headed of home to catch up on some phone calls and emails…that done! off to strawberry hill to price up a job..fingers crossed would like to do this 1! done a little demo to show just how fantastic our systems are, The client had used a well known brand of carpet cleaner on some stains that the children had made…she said; the stains went and i was really pleased but they have returned and i cant make out why..I explained its called “wick back” and although you think you got rid of the stains all you managed to do was push the dirt deeper into the carpet..i then went on to explain that with our dry extraction system there is no wick back…

2 great days!!

what a great couple of days…yesterday 2/3 went to see sophie 3rd time i’ve done work for her..fantastic girl, then got home by 4 30 just in time to change then get to twickenham rugby ground for the richmond expo..saw loads of old faces, and new 1s done some networking, which by the way i love to do. must admit i do get a bit puzzled by some of the people..they just dont seem to want to know!! ‘o well’ home by 9 with loads of information and some good contacts…

Today 3/2 been to an ex BNI members house to do a complete carpet clean plus 2 antique chairs and 3 rugs..our system still makes me shiver! the results are incredible , you really have got to see it to believe!!!


what a day!! been up to knightsbridge to do a whole flat just behind a certain corner shop(u try getin a pint of milk in there!)job went fantastically well, the customer was amazed at what we did for her! anyway after we finished decided to have a little drive round just so we could get the DRY&CLEAN MACHINE seen..Dont forget to check out our facebook page dry and clean

Sunday 28/2  had a job in chelsea this morning 2 sisal rugs, just got back, you wouldnt think sisal would look any different…that is until we get to work on them! truly fantastic thats all i can say!

Tested the system on tile & grout floor..result: AMAZING!! you gotta see it to belive it!

Had a good BNI meeting this morn 26/2 got told off!! oops

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Thanx sophie! this could be the start of somthing fantastic!!


Thats it all lovly and clean..ready for tomorrow..goin up to knightsbridge so will finish job and float about so we get seen!!

Ellis loved his first go in the DRY&CLEAN MACHINE!!

going to pic up ellis tomorrow..his first ride in the DRY&CLEAN MACHINE…hes gonna love it!

Seems the DRY&CLEAN MACHINE was spotted in walton-on-thames @ 5 45 this noon…which is good because thats exactly where i was…:/-)

Business’s We Like!

Done a nice little job for Fiona a fellow BNI member today, so if your in need of total relaxation drop in and see fiona at: believe me fiona gordon is amazing!

For all your building needs give Tal Belnik a call! a really nice chap and  very professional..

Derek Hawkins from Lyndale Associates, what a nice man! and a fantastic product! check out his website,

Had a great meeting today with the girls from Eco-logical cleaning Kelley & Ria, girls cant wait to start working with you!!

Eleanor of amazing domestic cleaners, the work they do is fantastic! So for all your cleaning needs ie end/pre tenancy, spring, one offs, after builders, after party or before party cleans give her a shout you wont be disappointed!!

What to Consider When Cleaning Carpets

The best organic carpet cleaners are biodegradable and nontoxic. You should also look for those that have a pH balance that is gentle on the environment. It is equally important to ensure that a product’s packaging is made from 100% recycled material.
If you want your carpets to be professionally cleaned, you should know that there are professional organic carpet cleaners who specialize in the healthful cleansing of even the dirtiest carpets. If you have trouble locating professional organic carpet cleaners locally, try searching online to see if you can find one that is close to your area. Dry&Clean cover middlesex, Surrey, SW London, West London NE london Central London Contact them on, 020 8898 4344 or email

The Benefits of Organic Carpet Cleaners

Using Organic Carpet & Carpet Cleaners

Each time toxic cleaners are used, there’s a heavy impact on our environment. It does not matter whether the cleaners are poured, sprayed, washed, rinsed, or dumped. The negative and harmful effects are the same. When we use these things we risk adding toxins to the air and to the water, both of which come back to us and are shared with the public. If you are not sure whether your cleaning products are harmful to you and the environment, take a look at the product labels to see the various types of chemical ingredients that are listed. What you find might surprise you!

Some products you may want to review are your carpet and carpet cleaners. For many of the cleaning needs today, there are healthier, organic alternatives to the usual toxic products. Carpet cleaners are no different. If you are concerned about this issue, and would like to use products that are more healthful, consider switching to organic cleaning products. Organic carpet cleaners, for example, are generally dry cleaners that are much less harmful on both the human body and the environment, than traditional carpet cleaners.