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what a day!! been up to knightsbridge to do a whole flat just behind a certain corner shop(u try getin a pint of milk in there!)job went fantastically well, the customer was amazed at what we did for her! anyway after we finished decided to have a little drive round just so we could get the DRY&CLEAN MACHINE seen..Dont forget to check out our facebook page dry and clean

Sunday 28/2  had a job in chelsea this morning 2 sisal rugs, just got back, you wouldnt think sisal would look any different…that is until we get to work on them! truly fantastic thats all i can say!

Tested the system on tile & grout floor..result: AMAZING!! you gotta see it to belive it!

Had a good BNI meeting this morn 26/2 got told off!! oops

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Thanx sophie! this could be the start of somthing fantastic!!