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“Oh my God” says customer in Newbury

took a drive across to Newbury on friday 5/2 to get some stains out of the carpets in a couple of rooms, the client said she as tried everything but cant “get them out” always worries me when my customers tell me they have had a good “ol” scrubb because of the damage that can be caused! anyway the first thing we did was to do a tester..which basically means we spot a small area and if the “stain” starts to lift we know we are in business! which we was, we set about cleaning the said area
and after a few minutes it was then my client said the immortal words….”oh my god” look at that, that is the most amazing thing i have ever seen! So it looks like we will be performing more miracles in newbury in the near future. Because it was such a nice day decided i wasn’t in a mad rush to get home so had a nice gentle drive to make sure the DRY&CLEAN MACHINE got really noticed..