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Our quick demo impress’s client!

Took a drive over to newphoria this morn and had a brilliant 1-2-1(BNI talk 4 meeting)with samantha N-F…i like newphoria and i love sam!! grabed a quick cuppa T then headed of the see graham @ lindon-travers for my second 1-2-1..i like graham because 1 hes a chelsea supporter and 2 hes just a really nice bloke and any1 looking for mortgage advice let me know and i will introduce you to him. jumped in the DRY&CLEAN MACHINE then headed of home to catch up on some phone calls and emails…that done! off to strawberry hill to price up a job..fingers crossed would like to do this 1! done a little demo to show just how fantastic our systems are, The client had used a well known brand of carpet cleaner on some stains that the children had made…she said; the stains went and i was really pleased but they have returned and i cant make out why..I explained its called “wick back” and although you think you got rid of the stains all you managed to do was push the dirt deeper into the carpet..i then went on to explain that with our dry extraction system there is no wick back…

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