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Dust FREE wood floor sanding to; Victorian floorboards, Repaired, replaced filled either with resin and fine dust or with pine slithers, Which ever way you choose to have your floors filled we will make them look amazing!

Parquet flooring, Sanded down to bare timber, fine filled, Sealed then screen sanded, Sealed again and screen sanded, Then the 1st of 3 coats of polish! Your floors will never have to be sanded back to timber again! Over time just the polish needs removing an replacing.

Engineered/Real wood floors, Planks/Boards replaced if needed, Top layer of original varnish removed, Sanded or screened then re sealed bringing them back to their former glory!

Steven, The owner of dry and clean is a member of the Institute of Carpenters and has a real passion for all things timber.

Never strip your floors again!

Maple strip wood floor in Barnes, Floor was badly stained from the animal skin.