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Is Dry extraction better?

A Dry carpet cleaner is not completely moisture-free, but it is typically a process where foam, powder, granules or absorbent cleaning compounds are spread across the carpet and they absorb the soil.

This highly-absorbent cleaning solution, or compound, will be vacuumed-extracted, requiring about a fifth of the water that is used in steam cleaning or hot water extraction carpet cleaning methods, if done professionally.

Some carpet cleaner service providers use a machine that features an electric brushing method to scrub the carpet, which also fluffs up the pile. At home, the foam or powder will absorb the soil and debris, but your vacuum will depend on how much cleaner your carpet is.
Advantages of Host Carpet Cleaning
Although customer reviews for the Host dry carpet cleaner are difficult to find, they are out there and people who have used this product really seem to feel it does a great job on their carpet.
Actual users give this product a 5 out of 5 stars. Here are some of the things they had to say about the Host dry carpet cleaning kit.

  • No wet carpet
  • you can walk on the carpet when the cleaner is down and immediately after you have cleaned your carpet.
  • Excellent at removing stains and odors one customer wrote: “I’ve used HOST for over 20 years…it’s been great for my carpets.”
  • Easy to use
  • Cleans natural fiber rugs that you can’t use wet cleaning methods on
  • All natural biodegradable ingredients
The few reviews that could be found were all overwhelmingly positive so there seems to be few real disadvantages to using this product though several reviewers did reveal two or three problems.

  • The Product is difficult to find
  • somewhat messy
  • clogs up some vacuum cleaners.

Of the three disadvantages that consumers listed, the most problematic one is the difficulty in finding this product. However, there seems to be plenty of sites that sell the Host dry carpet cleaning kit online and the official Host website does list distributors that handle their product if you type in your post code.
As for the other two disadvantages some reviewers stated that using a wet/dry vac to do the initial vacuuming after using the Host dry carpet cleaner helps prevent clogs in your home vacuum and it does appear that dry carpet cleaning would be less messier than emptying those dirty buckets from traditional carpet cleaning.

So, It seems the answer is a definite  YES!!